Photographs of Temples and Culture of East India

by Stephen Knapp

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            This is one of the companion books that provides 586 color photos of the many places that are more fully described in my guidebook, “Seeing Spiritual India: A Guide to Temples, Holy Sights, Festivals and Traditions: 2020 Update.”

In this book we will see such locations as the holy land of Vrindavana, the spiritual land of Krishna. Then we go on to Prayagraj and partake in the sacred Kumbha Mela festival, the largest spiritual festival on the planet. Then to places like Ayodhya, the appearance place of Lord Rama, or to Varanasi, another of the holiest cities you can see. Then to Gaya and Bodhgaya where the Buddha became enlightened, and on to Mayapur, the sacred place where Sri Chaitanya appeared. From there we go farther south to Jagannatha Puri, a holy town with many things to see, but which is known for the huge Rathayatra cart festival wherein they take the large deities through the main street for hundreds of thousands of people to view and pull the ropes of the carts. Other sights include Ahovalam, the land where Lord Narasimha, the lion form of the Supreme, is said to have appeared to protect His devotee. These and other sights we show are all places that many people only dream of seeing, or events which many people only hope of attending at least once in their lives.

We will show Vedic temples, historical sights, unique and ancient architecture, detailed stone carvings, huge and exciting festivals, people, art, and so on. This will give you a chance to view many areas that you may never have a chance to see, or sights that you will want to plan to visit. But for now, take an adventure into time, tradition, and the spiritual dimension. 


Introduction                                                                                                 1

Vrindavana, The Land of Krishna                                                               3

Sikandra                                                                                                      26

Agra                                                                                                            28

Fatehpur Sikri                                                                                             31

Gwalior                                                                                                       34

Orchha                                                                                                        38

Sanchi                                                                                                         46

Vidisha                                                                                                        48

Jabalpur                                                                                                      49

Khajurao                                                                                                      54

Chitrakut                                                                                                      60

Prayagraj                                                                                                     68

The Kumbha Mela Festival                                                                        71

Naimisaranya                                                                                              108

Ayodhya                                                                                                      111

Kushinagar                                                                                                  118

Varanasi                                                                                                      121

Sarnath                                                                                                        147

Gaya                                                                                                            149

Bodhgaya                                                                                                    151

Nalanda                                                                                                       157

Patna                                                                                                           159

Bishnupur                                                                                                    161

Kolkata                                                                                                        164

Mayapur                                                                                                      170

Ekachakra                                                                                                   198

Remuna                                                                                                       200

Bhadrak                                                                                                       203

Bhuvaneswar                                                                                              204

Konarka                                                                                                       209

Jagannatha Puri                                                                                          212

Alarlanatha                                                                                                  237

Vijayawada                                                                                                 239

Mangalagiri                                                                                                 241

Hyderabad                                                                                                  243

Yadagirigutta                                                                                              245

Sri Sailam                                                                                                   246

Ahovalam                                                                                                    248

About Stephen Knapp                                                                               253


        This book is 260 pages, 586 color photographs, 8 1/2" x 11" trim size, ISBN: 9798862489323, $39.95.

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